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Ballot Question

Shall Pittsburgh's Charter be amended to replace Article 6: Community Advisory Boards (voided December 31, 2000) with Article 6: Open Government, providing greater public disclosure; requiring public information, notices, and meetings be Internet accessible; setting applicable standards; enabling selectable notification about city matters; and establishing an open membership Citizen Advisory Panel to which pending legislation and administrative actions must be explained and through which citizens can develop and provide information and comment before final approval?

The question above will appear on the petitions when they are circulated.   The legal requirement is that a referendum ballot question accurately summarize its proposed amendment in a maximum of 75 words.   The Allegheny County Board of Elections has statutory authority to set the final wording that would appear on the November 4, 2014 ballot.   They can either use the wording above as it is, modify it, or come up with something entirely different of their own. -- We feel this succinctly represents the amendment most accurately, but if you feel you can do better, please leave a comment below.